Week Two, Eat: The Second Habit

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This season of Lent, from Sunday, February 18th through Sunday, April 1st, we as a church community will be looking at the book “Surprise the World” by Michael Frost. This book will be tied into our sermons on Sunday mornings as well as made available for both individuals and groups to go through. This week begins week one in our discussion of the first couple chapters in “Surprise the World.” If you would like to follow along on your own, there are books available for pickup in the church office and we will be posting study guides and a video each week to help you follow along. Or join any one of the small groups discussing this book that are meeting at the church: Sunday at 10:20am, Monday at 11:30am, and Monday at 5:45pm.

In this chapter, Chapter 4, we looked at the missional habit of hospitality through sharing a meal with others. In Luke 22:19 Jesus “…took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” He is instructing us as Christians to, in everything that we do, eat and drink with others in remembrance of Him. What if every Christian regularly invited a stranger or person with no where to go into their home for a meal once a week. Just think of the impact that would have not only on us as an individual, but also our community and world! As you reflect upon this chapter summary, start with fostering the habit of eating with one individual you normally would not this week. Reflect upon the impact that that has not only on them, but yourself as well. You are walking in the footsteps of Jesus. 

Video link for week one: https://vimeopro.com/minnesotaumc/stw




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